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Instructor Highlight- Dara Yahya

We would like to take this time to thank Ms Dara Yahya for her commitment to the ASA! brand, the authenticity of the ASA! program and her dedication to ASA! class participants. Thank you so much for joining the international team of certified ASA! instructors.

Dara moved from ASA! fanatic to ASA! instructor and is the first and only recipient of the ASA! certification scholarship! She has brought ASA! to several different venues during her tenure as an instructor and continues to take her weekly class at the home base. Her energy is uplifting and her dedication to the brand is inspiring.

Dara will now receive:

  • Free shout out in the ASA! Fitness blog (see link below)

  • A credit of $30 for your monthly ASA! fee applied to the month of December 2019

  • A 50% discount on an ASA! class flyer by the ASA! graphic design team

  • A 20% discount on ASA! apparel (set to return to our shelves in 2 months)

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