In light of the situation surrounding COVID-19, ASA! Enterprises has made the decision to expand upon it's policies to allow instructors to offer virtual ASA! classes. Given the copyright risks involved in this decision, it is imperative that all instructors adhere to the virtual class regulations listed below. We truly hope you all remain safe and hold onto that ASA! SPIRIT!

Step 1: Review the Virtual Class Regulations Step 2: Attend the online instructor seminar Step 3: Attend at least 1 Virtual ASA! Calss at The Adinka Cultural Arts Virtual Studio on Facebook Live Step 4: Receive your Certification 

VIRTUAL CLASS Registration

To register your virtual ASA! class, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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Virtual Class Regulations

  • All virtual classes MUST be registered using the virtual class registration form. 

  • A switch to virtual forums does not alter the instructor agreements and all classes are still acknowledged under the NEXUP certification. As such, virtual classes do not change certification logs, fee processes, and amounts. Furthermore, ASA! administration reserves the right to suspend or cancel any virtual ASA! class should the instructor fail to follow regulations.

  • An ASA! administrator must be added to each live conference or social media group. This is not to interfere with the energy of the class or your personal style, but rather to track the progress of each class and the overall change in policy. 

  • Participants added to video conferences or social medial groups for live sessions MUST be removed after the class and added again within 24 hours of the next session with the exception of the ASA! administrator who is to remain in the social media groups.

  • All video conferences and social media groups MUST be private. Participant entry must only be approved by the instructor AFTER payment is received. 

  • Live feeds from each class MUST be deleted at the conclusion of the class and cannot be shared or saved. 

  •  Virtual classes may be offered ONLY by instructors holding a valid ASA! instructor certification 

  • Virtual classes may ONLY be advertised or promoted AFTER instructors receive the official ASA! certification of approval for virtual classes. 

  • Instructors MUST promote the health and safety practices associated with COVID-19 including good hygiene, social distancing and the encouragement of COVID-19 testing should an individual show signs and symptoms of infection.

  • ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST fill out the ASA! Virtual Class Waiver forms BEFORE attending virtual classes

  • The ASA! Instructor MUST promote high spirits during these uncertain times. Conversation of the caronavirus outside of the standard health recommendations listed by the WHO and local healthcare organizations is PROHIBITED during ASA! classes. Instructors must NOT give any professional advice or information regarding the pandemic during these online sessions.

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