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Join the international family of ASA! certified instructors!
Gain the knowledge to grow your own ASA! business and promote progressive health and fitness through
authentic culture and the latest in African trends! 
Click the button below to audition! 

All of your certified ASA! Instructors have at least 3 years’ experience as African dancers, dancer instructors and professional performers. Through a 3-5 month training process, instructors gain knowledge in basic biomechanics, anatomy, principles of exercise and sport training, musicology, dance history, health and the ASA! technique. Up to date on the latest African music and dance moves, ASA! instructors bring Africa to the gym! Each instructor holds a CPR/AED certification and is capable of maintaining a safe and healthy exercise environment. The progressive levels of the certification represent the level of experience implementing the ASA! Dance fitness program. EACH instructor gives the same crazy energy as the next!

Our certified ASA! instructors are cultural ambassadors

in the world of fitness!

All auditions are now virtual
*Audition fees are nonrefundable*

The Training Process

  • STAGE 1- Complete online audition video

  • STAGE 2- Review online ASA! instructor clinic in preparation for stage 3

  • STAGE 3- Attend the virtual 4-hour ASA! Instructor workshop on ZOOM

  • STAGE 4- Online Seminars

    • Health and Exercise with Dr. Fofie Akoto

    • The ASA! Art of Teaching with ASA! Master instructor, Nkenge Cunningham and ASA! administrator, Maisha Sumbry

    • The Business of Group Exercise with ASA founder, Akosua Akoto

  • STAGE 5- Resubmit the online ASA! audition and complete the online examination

Apply today to receive your audition timeline and additional details

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