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A native of Lakeview, Long Island, NY, Dianne began dance training at the age of six where she trained in ballet, acrobatics, jazz and modern. At 10, she began setting track and field records and gained national recognition in the standing broad jump, 100m dash and 200m dash. After ranking third in the nation, she earned a full athletic scholarship to Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas where she would graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications.

Upon returning to New York, she was introduced to traditional West African dance and began studying dances of the African Diaspora. This reignited her passion for dance and since 2004, she has immersed herself in all aspects of the African dance community. Through this style of dance, Dianne blends the grace, rhythmic and expressive elements of her ballet, jazz and modern dance training with the athleticism, power and stamina she has sustained from her training as a sprinter. She has performed with D'Joule African Dance and Drum Company, Forces of Nature Dance Theatre and Harambee Dance Company.

Passionate about healing the mind, body and spirit, Dianne is certified in chakra healing. It was a natural progression to become a certified ASA! Fitness instructor and teach classes that are designed to strengthen as well as heal, offering physical benefits that optimize energetic and emotional cleansing, and improve cardiovascular capacity. Dianne is committed to furthering the ASA! Fitness goal of promoting, protecting and perpetuating African cultural expression.

Dianne Adkins-Forte

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